Our know how

The office establisher, of Gennan-Austrian origin, graduated from the humanistic school ‘Karlsgymnasium‘ in Stuttgart (D) with the classical school leaving examination after the school attendance in Bavaria, studied Law in Tübingen and specialized himself already there in international private law and Roman law and after the law instruction and several working years in Stuttgart he began the collaboration in Milan with one of the biggest associated law offices in Italy in those years. In few years he became senior partner and in February 1989 he opened his own oflice and on July of the same year he changed over to the today’s address.

The office operates worldwide and is integrated into the biggest international lawyer associations like UIA (Union lnternationale des Avocats), AIGLI (Associazione internazionale Giuristi di Lingua Italiana), German-italian Lawyers Association, the international network of lawyers, patent lawyers, auditors and tax advisers Ars Legis (www.arslegis.eu), it is member of the National Association of German Commercial Agencies and Distribution (CDH) and of other lntemational profession associations.

The office is recommended by the German-italian Chamber of Commerce, by the German Office for Foreign Trade (BFAI), by the German Consulate General of Milan. Further the office establisher is the trusted lawyer of the Austrian Consulate General of Milan and recommended lawyer by several legal insurances in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

In recognition of exceptional merit for the Republic of Austria on November 8th 2016 he was awarded the Order of Merit.

The office is well known for prompt conduct, reliability, full effort and considerable successes. The unique professionalism has been especially acquired through decennial exhaustive work experience and comparative law in association with the German speaking and the Italian speaking culture and legal circles.