The Gebhard case

Every lawyer and self-employed person knows the ‘Gebhard Case‘. Therewith it is meant the sentence of the European Court of Justice pronounced on 30.11.1995 against the Chamber of Lawyers of Milan.
Mr. Gebhard was accused by the Chamber of Lawyers of Milan to violate the regulations of the Italian Law No. 31 of 9th February 1982 concerning the supply of services and establishment of activities by part of lawyers of a Member State.
Mr Gebhard was of the opinion that Italy did not convert conformly the European service guideline into national law, especially the part concerning the establishment of an own law office by part of a lawyer of a Member State.

Further Mr. Gebhard reproved that though 1991 he presented application for beeing admitted as Italian lawyer and though there were all necessary conditions nothing had been decided.
Therefore the European Court of Justice decided with the sentence of 30th November 1995 that an EU lawyer must be able to establish an activity in a Member State under his original title and fixed the rules that set out the procedure for beeing admitted as a professional in a Member State.

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